Comprehensive Human Factors Expertise

Company Profile

Medical Device Human Factors (MDHF), is dedicated to providing comprehensive human factors services to medical device manufactures. Our services include design, evaluation, and validation of products consistent with the FDA 510(k) Human Factors Guidance and ANSI/AAMI HE75:2009(R)2013 Human Factors Engineering-Design Specifications. MDHF uses various testing methodologies and processes depending upon the stage of the product cycle (see below). MDHF also provides design and evaluation of all Medical Device ancillary materials (ie, product inserts, instructions for use, videos, etc).

Our Key Methods include:
  • Usability Testing
  • Iterative Design and Testing Methods
  • Human Factors Design Best Practices
  • Human Factors Training/Education
  • User Centered Participatory Design Methods
  • Innovation Process Methods
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Iterative Design and Testing Methods

MDHF is a service provided by HirLan, Inc.